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Tracy Goodbrand
Tracy Goodbrand,
founder of Steeldust

Steeldust Design Services (formerly Steeldust Consulting Services) started designing and developing web sites part time in 1996.

The first web site designed was for the Appaloosa Horse Association of Alberta, a non-profit organization that Tracy Goodbrand, the founder of Steeldust, was heavily involved in. She has maintained that site from day one and then completed a redesign in 2012.

Word got out about her web design skills and new clients were calling, all without any advertising!

Tracy totally loves the design process and completely immerses herself in each project. Her goal is to hear her clients say, "Yes, that is exactly what I am looking for!"

Feel free to watch this video how Tracy Goodbrand got started into website design & development, as presented to "Grow Your Business Networking Group".


Where did the name of Steeldust come from?

Tracy is also passionate about horses and is heavily involved and very active in the horse industry. When she was 12 years old, she decided to name her own place Steeldust which was a term used to describe a breed of horse back in the 1940's. That breed of horse is now known as the American Quarter Horse. It seemed fitting since her family were Quarter Horse breeders.




"Thx again for the great quick service! I will recommend you to everyone! It's so nice to hire a horse person to design a horse website!"

Advantage Training Stables

"Tracy Goodbrand's service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that far exceeds all other web designers I have dealt with. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble to her and I am made to feel unique, never feeling that I am just one of many clients that her and her office have to deal with each day.

From the word go she was able to take all our criteria we wanted and in a very timely fashion, a website was started and built upon. New ideas were discovered from multiple emails, phone calls and even skype meetings online. The 1000’s of miles between us made no difference on creating a fabulous website.

Our website is more than I ever thought it would be. Thank you so much for making our dream come true!"

Interactive Building Design