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We are very proud to show off some of the web sites we have designed and developed!


Interactive Building Design (IBD)
This is a large, interactive, dynamic website based in the construction industry.

This website utilizes CSS, PHP, Javescript, and AJAX.
It also features:

  • Numerous tables in databases
  • Is membership based in addition to public viewers
  • Has automated generation of pdfs
  • Has numberous online calculators

  Advantage Training A complete update and continued maintenance for Advantage Training Stables  
  Edge Insurance A re-design and numberous additions for Edge Insurance Services  
  Newbert Equine Enterprises An original design for Newbert Equine Services.  
  Grow Your Busimess Networking Group A re-design and additions to the Grow Your Business Networking" website.  
  AHAA A complete re-design of the original website, based on the current Board of Director's direction for the Appaloosa Horse Association of Alberta, a non-profit organization.  
  Alan Goodbrand Tweeking and additions to Alan Goodbrand, my husband's, website (both a personal and professional website).  
  TLC An original website for a tourist business based in St. Maartin.

The business owner has moved and the business was shut down, therefore, this website is no longer available.
        The Horse Paddock    Home page of The Horse Paddock Top image is the flash introduction to The Horse Paddock, while the bottom image is the home page.

This business was shut down to life circumstances (divorce).
  Foothills Equipment A re-design and many additions to Foothills Equipments

The business owner has passed away, therefore, this website is no longer available.
  Ride N Drive The original design for Ride N Drive Horse Supplies  
  IJD Inspections The original website design for IJD Inspections  
  Shady Acres Appaloosas Tweeking the original design for Shady Acres Appaloosas  
  Pazdor's Paddock The original website design for Pazdor's Paddock  
  AHAA The Flash introduction of the Appaloosa Horse Association of Alberta (AHAA).

This is the first website designed by Tracy Goodbrand in 1996 and which she still maintains to this day.


"Steeldust (Consulting Services) carries an overall 5-star rating in our opinion!

Tracy has completed the project on our professional website in a timely, creative fashion. Many of the intricacies which she has implemented were not attainable through many other website developers that we researched and tried.

She was able to take our ideas and run with them right from the start through to the completed project. We feel we now have the Website that we were imagining. She was able to tediously work through all of our changes with the positive attitude that is necessary in order to create what she has for us - a rare attribute indeed.

Yes, truly her ability to extract our dreams and turn them into the science and art present on our website is hard to find. Therein lies the key to her success as a web site builder and I can only hope others will find her so that she can continue to help to bring their dreams to fruition as well."

Interactive Building Design